Get to know the Arboreal Salamander

There is a recent natural history article in the Journal of Herpetology (click here for the link from D. E. Lee et al., 2012) describing the Arboreal Salamander (Aneides lugubris). The authors have characterized the basic life history traits of this salamander by capture-mark-recapture studies covering a 4 year span. This information is important for many areas of future research, but specifically this will aid in future conservation endeavors.

Oh yeah and this little guy has TEETH!


Basic life-history information like this is still lacking in many species because it is difficult to find funding. Check out the link above to read more about this salamander or click here to see more California salamanders.

3 Responses to Get to know the Arboreal Salamander

  1. HA!
    I love the jaws on these guys!
    It takes a lot to get me excited about salamanders, but these guys look vicious! REWOORAOOOR you salamander!
    What do they hunt?

    • They eat small invertebrates like crickets. If you can’t get excited about salamanders then you just don’t know enough about them yet. Read more salamander posts on here.

  2. “Some of my best friends are salamanders!”

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